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Bucket Wheel De-Waterers

Bucket Wheel De-Waterers

Desert Breeze Trading LLC’s bucket wheel de-waterers removes water from sand and at the same time removes clays, silt and slimes.

Material to be processed are directed into the bucket wheel at the inlet chute adjacent to the path of the bucket wheel. As the wheel rotates the buckets collect the gravitating fines from below the water tank level. In turn, the buckets become inverted as they reach the top of their path and the recovered product falls on the centrally positioned chute, to be discharged downward on to the sand discharge chute. The geometry of the staggered bucket wheel and discharge chute is designed so as to give a clean positive bucket discharge thus ensuring that dewatered fines are not carried back to the water tank.

Low speed operation and the large diameter bucket wheel as fitted on our machinery serves to reduce noise, airborne spray and provide longer drainage time to produce a drier product for easier stockpiling.

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